We have received hundreds and hundreds of testimonials, since 2015. These are just a few PolarAid success stories.

“Yes, it is the body that is truly miraculous when given the right support!”

Dr. Dino Tomic

“These beautiful testimonials demonstrate the power of our bodies when offered a sufficient amount of bioenergy that, in aging or when we experience challenges, we no longer absorb to full potential. Today, we know that the obstructive energy that surrounds us can block our access to this energy. We also know that when our health is compromised, our body has lost the capacity to absorb this energy in a sufficient quantity.”

Dr. Dino Tomic

“PolarAid is a real gift and wellness tool, especially in these troubled pandemic age”

The moment I received my PolarAid I was elated with the shift in energy! I had an immediate response of rarified powerful, but subtle energy. I have a number of wellness tools, Tesla coil necklace, zero point energy necklace, wands, purple shield, etc. and they all work super well. But this disc PolarAid is definitely very powerful, and I am so grateful. I’m definitely sharing the message to my family and friends ! I’m actually sitting here with my husband’s disc and my disc under the soles of my feet and the feeling is remarkably wonderful! It feels like a subtle, but major shift in my life, the moment I touched it. My resonance has definitely been more enhanced. Enjoy the blessings and a more colorful and beautiful auric radiance. I coined the phrase, “energetically mellow” which is pretty much how I feel. Thanks so much!

My two cats also don’t get along very well. Usually they mingle for a few seconds, before it escalates. Lil Gurl, (7 yrs) is a short and stocky calico who was initially rescued from the street streets at about 9 months. Ra, our tabby is lean and older (12 yrs) and  is no match for her. She starts pouncing and initiating a fight, or tackles him down from the chair. I had the disc only a day, and my husband said they just kept playing and chasing each other around our home. So it’s helping them get along also.  Once in a while they play nicely, but Lil Gurl is a street cat, and a survivor, and can be quite bullish on her older brother. I look forward to more harmony in our home now for our fur babies.

PolarAid is a real gift and wellness tool, especially in these troubled pandemic age. What a masterful tool to balance your energies….I am grateful! Thank you.

S.S, Tempe, AZ

“The PolarAid discs are WELL worth the investment in one’s wellness.”

At 79 years of age, one experiences varied discomforts, some small, some major – but I had no idea how the PolarAid disc would alleviate all of them – many after one application, and others taking a few days.

Spinal problems respond particularly well – also peripheral joint irregularities which may be tied in with spinal problems.

There has been cramping in my left foot metatarsals for about 50 years now. A periodic application gives relief within a few minutes. 

I have also had soreness in my fingers, which I was afraid would stop me practicing (I am a chiropractor). They are much relieved and close to normal – not done yet either.

There has been a noticeable improvement in my energy level – partly, from the discs themselves and partly because I now sleep better. The PolarAid dicks are WELL worth the investment in one’s wellness. Thank you. 

DR G.S. (Fergus, Ontario)

“…Ability to focus, mental clarity and increased physical energy!”

Hi PolarAid Team,

I am amazed at how profound my effects are with my PolarAid.

I also must share these changes I have had, which are hard to explain except for incorporating PolarAid into my routine. I am a nationally syndicated radio talk show host with programs focused on healthy lifestyle, holistic health and educating on medical CBD so I receive tons of samples and press materials for review. I love being on the forefront of exciting new products and concepts. Unfortunately, I have been using my dining room table as the ‘filing room’ for and this scenario has been a huge discomfort for me for months. Every day I plan to reorganize it, and every day I don’t.

I heard about PolarAid from a friend when we were attending Natural Products Expo West. I really could not imagine how this hand-held product could do so much. Yet, I have been using my PolarAid for only three weeks and not only is my table cleared off but my kitchen is also back to order! The ONLY thing that has changed is my use of PolarAid during the early mornings, as Dr. Tomic suggests. It has greatly supported my ability to focus, my mental clarity and I have noticeably increased physical energy.

So, I am finally taking care of the mundane things I really hate doing!

This new sense of energy is amazing and accomplishing these small tasks makes these small tasks that make such a huge difference in our lives.  So… the chaos is slowly going, and I seem to have more order in so many areas of my life. It has given me hope again.

And I can entertain again opening my home to friends, no longer embarrassed by the clutter.

So grateful for PolarAid.

Thank you,

Frankie Boyer, Boston, Massachusetts

The Frankie Boyer Radio Shows

“I was skeptical…”

I am 90 years old…an age where many people resign themselves to being out of sorts. When I read about the PolarAid in a popular magazine I was skeptical but decided to try it as a last resort. How fortunate for me that I did! Sometimes it was impossible for me to leave my bed for hours. By using some of the recommended techniques in the video on your website, I can truthfully say what was the norm rarely happens anymore. I am purchasing a second disc which I hope will amplify my wellness and I’m hoping to buy more of them soon for family members and friends who can benefit from a gift of good health. I hope it will prove helpful to others in my age group who have resigned themselves to less than full life.  Yours sincerely…and gratefully!

F.H., Kelowna, British Columbia

“Free after 63 years!…I realized that I ‘forgot’ my knees!”

Why did I buy the PolarAid disc? I am 79 years old and since the age of 16 I have been awakened night after night. In the morning it would take me 10 minutes to bend or unfold my knees. In April I received my disc and the first evening, I applied it 10 min on my knees. By the next morning my knees had less stiffness and they were more flexible. I applied it again in the morning and the following evening for 10 min. The second morning, arriving in the kitchen, I realized that I ‘forgot’ my knees! I thought that the effect of PolarAid would be temporary but since April, I no longer remember the long years of discomfort.

 In 2016, I had a shingles on half of the head, considered finished in August 2016 but the residual tingling would persist for months. In April, I applied the disc to the area 10 minutes each time and the tingling disappeared.

N.G., Sherbrooke

I started using PolarAid myself and noticed significant changes

I am a retired naturopathic physician and chiropractor. I started my electromagnetic work in the mid-80s, ahead of almost everybody, and have evaluated hundreds and hundreds of homes, offices, automobiles, recreational vehicles, boats and other places where people live and stay. I studied the work of Dr. Lakhovsky way back in the 1970s, when I was first in practice.

About three years ago, a client of mine gave me one PolarAid disc. I have tested hundreds of devices that are supposed to offer protection from electromagnetic radiation. I use muscle response testing to gauge whether a device works or not. I have been doing muscle response testing since the late 1970s and have done it on over a million people. I teach muscle testing and have taught thousands of people how to do it accurately and correctly.

When I tested your PolarAid disc, it tested incredibly well. It transforms the ability of the organism to withstand the radiation. I was shocked, to say the least. I started using the device myself and noticed significant changes.

I tested PolarAid disc on numerous other people and found that it worked on everybody. Needless to say, I started recommending people purchase one or two or family pack and get the whole family involved.

FYI, I have tested hundreds of devices and many are fraudulent and do absolutely nothing. Some of them are ridiculously expensive and some of them actually make the situation worse. Your PolarAid disc falls into a totally different category and I applaud you.” 

R.A. DC. ND, Kelowna, B.C.

“I praise The Lord for allowing me to find Polaraid.”

I recently had to fly from Pennsylvania to Florida. I was so concerned about the trip (because of the mask mandate) that I forgot about taking my ‘ear planes’ – ear plugs that help equalize the pressure in my ears when ascending and descending in flight. My sinus’ are very compromised and elevation changes cause a lot of trouble. Ear plane ear plugs are used by pilots who have sinus problems. They usually alleviate at least some of the painful pressure in my ears.

It wasn’t until we were descending and the pain began, I begged God to help me with the pain. I remembered the Polaraid in my carry on, I could barely reach for it because of my ear pain! I put the Polaraid onto my right ear and within a couple minutes the pain subsided, I quickly switched it to my left ear which by this time was excruciating, the pain subsided. Since I had only found one Polaraid disc, I continued to switch the disc from ear to ear until landing. I got through with minimal pain and less congestion than usual.

Thank you Polaraid! I praise The Lord for allowing me to find Polaraid. I will always fly with two Polaraid discs from now on! I no longer fear the anticipated pain in my ears.

I used the disc on my knee recently after twisting it badly, just Polaraid disc and some cbd oil, recovery in a couple weeks, basically no pain after placing it on my knee for an hour.

Thank you, I pray that everyone will experience the relief Polaraid has given me.

T.A.S. (McDonald, PA)

“Just try it on your plants first…”

Hi PolarAid,

I am an active person who was wondering what to do about my knee. I was given PolarAid by a friend who had greatly benefited from it.

I was intrigued by her testimony and enthusiasm, so I decided to try it on the knee that has been stressed by hiking, running (over the years), gardening and bicycling in beautiful Colorado.

I followed the Instructions as per Dr. Tomic as I was impressed by how he developed the modern antenna and studied the results his users have experienced.

I can say that what was an uncomfortable knee is now comfortable, is improving and moves more easily! I have also tested it by placing it close by or under houseplants that are struggling from a long winter.

Frankly, my plants amazingly reviving is a true surprise.

I do believe people should try it first on plants to dispel any preconceived ideas. PolarAid has so many uses from making water more hydrating and… honestly… I believe it stimulates creativity and focus during my workday!

S.C., Colorado

“I feel energized and inspired…”

When I was pregnant with my daughter at the age of 30, I suffered from a problem that, as I now 82 years old, began happening more often and lasting longer.

I saw the advertisement on PolarAid in Good Times magazine and ordered it in February 2017.

I have followed the suggestions of use since the beginning and after 10 months of using PolarAid, I can say that during all these months I had only 1 or 2 episodes that quickly stopped with the application of the disc.

Also, I feel energized and inspired, what pleases my entourage!

I had the opportunity to offer the disc to my family and they were all very happy. My friend, a psychology doctor, ordered a PolarAid disc for his son and he told me that it helped him!

A.M., Saint-Mathieu-du-Parc, Que.

“Finally, improved digestion!”

Four months ago, I ordered a PolarAid disc. I used it according to the protocol of Dr.Tomic and I treat my abdomen daily with the disc.

My digestion is much better and I have better elimination. It’s a great support. 

What was also remarkable was my shoulder. Having the PolarAid disc, I apply it every day for 30 minutes on my shoulder and I now experience remarkable, improved flexibility.

And I must say that my energy level has improved a lot!

My 93-year-old sister uses also the disc and I can tell you that she has been much more energetic and much more present, and her eyes shine a lot more!

We joked with my son-in-law who noticed that my daughter, who also uses the disc, has been much softer and more delicate what he obviously enjoys!

I continue to buy and offer the PolarAid to all my family and friends and I must thank Dr.Tomic for developing such a fantastic tool!

R.A., Longueuil

“PolarAid is the most effective body tool to help us effectively compensate for the part of bioenergy that we no longer receive naturally. Once directed to our body, an amplified flow of vital energy (captured by PolarAid) allows us to restore our self-healing capabilities, enabling us to improve our quality of life, inspiration and creativity.”

Dr. Dino Tomic

“Thank you for inventing this device. It is truly remarkable.’”

I have been using three disks at a time daily on my chakras for a total time of 30 minutes, for about one month. Over the time, by being seated on PolarAid, it greatly reduced discomfort in my hip and leg area and therefore walking is no longer a challenge. It is amazing to feel my legs come back and feel stronger every day. It hasn’t yet completely resolved my knee discomfort but I am hopeful that with continued use, that will likewise recede. Thank you for inventing this device. It is truly remarkable.


N.S, New York, NY

“The use of PolarAid disc should definitely be included in your arsenal of wellness products.’”

I purchased the PolarAid disc in 2018 after reading an article about it in a health magazine. My wife and I are both very healthy for our age and have embraced a healthy lifestyle. eating organic, regular exercise, daily grounding, taking vitamins & supplements, avoiding – GMO, trans fats, EMF’s, fluoride etc… Consequently, we are not on any medications. This does not mean we don’t have our own health challenges, as almost everyone does.

My wife in particular finds PolarAid supportive for her digestive system. With the assistance of the Energy Centers Guide in the user manual, she was able to direct relief right on her problematic digestive zone with fast effective results. Myself, I find it helpful for my joints health. After a few days of regular recommended use on specific areas, discomfort went down significantly permitting me to regain mobility and comfort.

We use PolarAid for almost anything we’re experiencing, from headaches to scratchy throats and it works! I got tired of sharing one PolarAid disc so I just purchased another one.

There is NO one thing or magic bullet we can take to keep our bodies healthy. It’s a combination of protections you take against our ever-increasing toxic environment.

The use of PolarAid disc should definitely be included in your arsenal of wellness products. I highly recommend this product as a non-toxic, non-addictive, non-expiring product, requiring no power and having no side effects. An amazing health aid.

Michael, San Francisco, California

Thank you so much for this powerful tool

I have purchased many of your PolarAid discs and I feel they are “magical”. Over the years, I gifted many people with PolarAid and my sister in particular felt the effects in a very big way. Because she is so sensitive to EMF’s, she had an EMF expert visit her home to create a calm and safe environment. She has a very difficult time going to malls since they are riddled with EMF’s.  After about one hour, she leaves the mall with her brain feeling totally scrambled. She also has difficulty traveling. PolarAid disc has literally been life changing. She does not leave her home without the disc and finds PolarAid protects her from outside forces. 

I also gifted my naturopath with a PolarAid disc and he carries the disc in his pocket all the times. He happens to be an EMF expert and his sophisticated testing equipment indicates PolarAid is one of the most powerful tools for EMF protection. He recommends to all of his patients to purchase PolarAid and to keep the disc close at all times.

I thought I should share this with you in the event that you have potential customers who are suffering from the effects of EMF’s. With the onslaught of G5 installations we will need protection more than ever.

Thank you so much for this powerful tool.

R.T., Phoenix, Arizona

“It’s very true that it works – you do not need to believe in it or attribute anything to it.”

I have been seeing this PolarAid ad, month after month and always wonder if it works.  One day, my mother said to me. ‘I would like to try this disc’. So, I bought a disc. I had multiple medical treatments and have been confined to a wheelchair.

When I received the disc, I read the instructions carefully. It’s very true that it works, even if you do not believe in it. I tested the disc under a dying plant and in a short time, the plant healed. Also, without believing in it, I put the disc under a glass of water for twenty minutes to compare the content with the water from the tap. The energized water was different, softer to taste.

For the first time, I did my chakras according to the instructions before I placed the disc on my knee. Then, I forgot about it because I was working on the computer. After a moment, I thought ‘I feel no more knee discomfort’. I continue to do it wherever I need it and I’m feeling like I’m ‘changing’ my body. My life has changed for the better because of this.

We only must understand how it works. This disc is an antenna created by Dr Tomic and 1st proved by Dr. Georges Lakhovsky and Nikola Tesla. A radio or television antenna works without any questions. Similarly, PolarAid works and our body responds as much as a television captures the frequencies and gives us images. We must listen to our body and must recognize when it’s enough.

I place PolarAid over discomfort and after a while I do the chakras. For the past two days, I have been applying the disc on my ear for short periods. If that feeling returns, I will do it again. For my digestion I sit on it for longer periods because I believe it warrants this.

My mother requested the disc and I bought it. After three months, her ankles have become improved…like a much younger person!

With all the wellness that it has done to us, I recommend the disc PolarAid to everyone, even if it is only to keep us in shape. At the age of 72 years, I thank PolarAid and I thank the life for giving me the opportunity to discover this disc.

C.G., Saint-Constant, Quebec

“From not being able to hold a newspaper to cutting shrubs!”

Being 80 and not being able to sleep at night or hold a newspaper up to read it, I considered taking medical cannabis but my doctor was against it even though I have had numerous treatments and have been to the emergency room numerous times.

After spending thousands of dollars to find some kind of support, my wife discovered PolarAid while looking on the internet. On May 21st, I received the PolarAid disc. I did the chakras twice a day. For three days, I went to the bathroom a lot. I believe my body was being ‘cleaned’.  After a week, I began feeling the benefits. After a month, I feel great! I can raise my right arm to 80%, and the left to 50%, and I quit the cane I used to move around the house. And what energy again! Yesterday I worked outside cutting shrubs with a saw!

Follow protocol instructions and drink water before and after applying the disc, and do not believe everything will change after only one- or two PolarAid applications!

In seeing my improvement, my wife also offered PolarAid to a friend, of 73 years, who was no longer able to visit us on the 2nd floor where we live. After two to three weeks, she could come upstairs to visit us. She hugged my wife saying, “Thank you my Angel!”. PolarAid had changed her life. Now, she climbs the stairs and goes for long walks while before she was seeing herself ending up in a wheelchair!

Y.B., Sherbrooke, QC

“My doctor said to me: ‘My fellow surgeons will not believe me.’”

In November 2016, I was operated on and being diabetic further slowed down the recovery. My wife heard of PolarAid and ordered one. I used the disc as per Dr.Tomic’s recommendations, and particularly, I applied it under my foot. I kept visiting my surgeon who was very worried. I was very persistent and kept using the disc as directed. In October 2017, the surgeon was stunned to see that my foot looked so much better and even the color of skin returned to normal. He said, ‘I am so sad that I did not take pictures of earlier stages, as my colleagues will not believe me.’ Thank you PolarAid, this is a gift to humanity!

M.C., Etobicoke, Ontario

“The day I acted on your advertisement is a blessed day!”

Hello Dr. Tomic,

It will be almost a year since I have started using PolarAid and I do not regret doing it. It’s part of my morning routine, I get up, go to the bathroom, drink a glass of PolarAid energized water and do my treatment by energizing all my chakras. Before, I had to stay in bed most of the time but thanks to the disc I could work again, and I did it until I retired two months ago!

Without saying that it has eradicated all my complaints, it allows me to perform my daily activities in supporting my immune system, and in helping me to recover faster and feel energized. I have three PolarAid discs at home, one on my night table, one in the living room, and one under my pitcher of water in the kitchen, I cannot do without it and I bring one with me if I go out.

Thank you for having made this discovery available to us. I am a fan of the healthy lifestyle, natural products/supplements and a healthy diet. So PolarAid is for me, one of the best ways to maintain my health and to bring the desired well-being and balance.

Thank you again and continue to advertise it to inform as many people as possible. My greatest desire would be for people to use PolarAid to maintain a healthy body and spirit. The PolarAid disc acts on the energy level of our body in order to regenerate it and encourage the body to be a marvel, capable of improvement as long as it is not blocked by all kinds of non-natural influences. A good and healthy lifestyle is better and my motto is that health is priceless, so stay tuned to your body.

I was skeptical at first but PolarAid is a simple, safe and fast way to support the body. It is effective in protecting us from environmental impurities which has become more dangerous. I will never tire out of praising it. I have offered it to friends, and it is now my first ‘go to’.

Thank you, thank you and thank you again. The day I took a look at your advertisement is a blessed day!

L.O’K., Ste-Thérèse, QC.

“Fatigue, why not to give PolarAid a try?”

I had to take long naps in the afternoon, between 2 and 4 hours every day, for years. I could not comfortably do any type of exercise, ever. My life was very limited and limiting.

When I bought the PolarAid disc, I used it every day on all chakras, and after two weeks, major changes began to manifest themselves. Naps became rarer until they disappeared completely. I now do 60 minutes of cardio at the gym, 5 days a week and I do aqua fitness 4-5 days a week! Not only do I sleep now, but I do not feel the need to get up twice a night. My throat and my sinuses have normalized ‘like magic’ without any other intervention than the daily use of the Polaraid disc. PolarAid is simply a wonderful instrument and I recommend it to everyone I love.

G.C., Gatineau, Quebec

“After more than 11 years, after only a few weeks of using PolarAid, I am finally liberated.”

I received the most wonderful gift from one of my aunts, a PolarAid disc. After more than 11 years, after a few weeks of using the PolarAid disc, I am finally free.

I have had multiple issues since birth. I do not know where it will lead me to. I continue because I found nothing like this disc.


C.J., Montreal, Quebec

“I never thought my life would improve!”

From my early age I had to deal with many quality of life, limiting issues. Through my own experience and experience of dear people around me, I learned that inner wisdom that opened me to the world of alternatives helped me to manage my health.

Today I am 84 and I feel so re-energized and full of joy for life which I passionately share with my children and my grandchildren! 

What particularly contributed to my well-being and improvement in my health? PolarAid, and here is my testimonial which I would love to share so it may inspire my peers and trust their inner wisdom’s reflection on it:

I purchased the PolarAid in January. After few months of using the PolarAid and especially applying it to the pelvic area, last night I slept from 10pm to 6am and no need to go to the washroom! I could not believe that it could ever improve!

I am an 84-year-old and usually in aging, things go more downhill than uphill. When I was 43, I had a hysterectomy and in the last couple of years I had to wear pads as in bending or in lifting up something the urine was leaking without control. I did not want to have another surgery and risk anything more.

Three months later, in April, to my doctor’s surprise so many of health issues had improved!

Thanks to supplements my eyes have been stable for 3 years. Last week I went for a laser treatment and was told that blurred vision, headache and eye pain are the side effects to be expected. So, few days before the treatment I started to apply PolarAid on my eyes for a couple of minutes and I did the same after the treatment. I did NOT have the expected down time!

I apply the disc for 15 minutes before going out and I am ready to do my garden! I purchased a PolarAid for my daughter to help her to recover from a procedure and it worked quickly and very well!

Thank you PolarAid for the quality of life I enjoy today!

M.B., Edmonton, Alberta

“Today, we have scientific proof that health disorders occur first at the energy level and then materialize as a physical illness. Hence, the lack of or the weak flow of vital natural energy through our bodies is the main cause of most diseases.”

Dr. Dino Tomic

“PolarAid complements your goal for a quality life: I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist.”

….so when I evaluated Polaroid it was from both personal and professional angles. The idea behind the PolarAid disc made sense to me (plus amazing distinguished scientific history and origins), and needing a way to encourage my health, I decided to try it. I also just had the sense I could trust the information on the website. 

I learned about the importance of energy medicine and used it on my chronic issues. I also evaluated it for its efficacy for my patients when used with a healthy diet, supplements, common sense habits, etc. With PolarAid I experienced improved digestion. I also used it on my back, and it has been easier to ‘hold’ a positive, much more youthful posture. Its calming, balancing and regulating effects have significant implications for mental health, both cognitive and emotionally.

The first night, I slept in the same room with PolarAid neither on me nor near me and had a profound experience of wellbeing. I started with chakra treatments according to instructions and felt special support of my digestion in using it daily and I continue to improve. I almost always feel it in action, so I know there is work to do! Over time I also used it on my spine, and the most amazing thing happened after several months – my flexibility and mobility came back My posture completely changed, much stronger and easier, younger and also more sweetly feminine-looking! Just walking or carrying groceries was a revelation! I am quite used to it now, but still grateful every day for new strength – in my fifth decade! So PolarAid has been a gift personally; it is also of interest to me professionally as a licensed clinical psychologist – its calming and regulating effects on the organism have significant implications for mental health, both cognitive and emotional. 

I am still using PolarAid daily for overall health but ALSO to help the body to operate at its optimum. I am ‘grateful in advance’ for improvements and the ease and flexibility to come. I know that all healing comes from God, and I can only imagine that PolarAid is a method God is pleased to work through as it is simple, natural and not toxic. 

I purchased additional discs, keeping one under our water pitcher, and seeing plants revive dramatically with the presence of PolarAid in the room. I recommend PolarAid without reservation. The company also seems to act with such integrity, Dr. Tomic himself at all times crediting the late Ing. Tesla and Dr. Lakhovsky for the science. I find this exceptional and very valuable. I include Dr. Tomic and his team in my prayers all the time. Thank you and God Bless!!!”

Dr. S.E.S, San Francisco, California

“In 2016 I bought my first PolarAid®.”

I liked what I had read in the PolarAid ads and the internet. Having a busy, stressful schedule and being in contact with many people daily, I wanted something that gave me energy and consequently provide prevention from illness. I carry PolarAid with me everywhere I go and find it especially helpful with energizing water and food when I travel. I have highly recommended it to family and friends and to anyone looking for natural protection and a preventative tool. Thanks to PolarAid I am energetic and in excellent shape.

J.D., Wasaga Beach, Ontario

“I thought that it would be rubbish!”

A month ago, I had no energy and could not do much. I usually do not buy these type of devices but with a month trial/return policy, I told myself why not? Even if I really believed that it would be rubbish and that I would return it after one month! Today, I bought two more discs for friends and I will buy more!

G.S., Ballymoney, UK

“One of the simplest and most effective devices which has ever impressed me was the work of the genial Russian scientist, Georges Lakhovsky who worked with Nikola Tesla. I developed PolarAid, this small but powerful device, based on their work and science. PolarAid needs no electric power to direct, in a short time, the energy flow in body, hence stimulating its self-healing capabilities…”

Dr. Dino Tomic