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How do I use PolarAid?


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Which side of the PolarAid ‘antenna’ do I place on my body or when placed in a room? Does it need to be placed directly on the skin to be effective?

Both sides of PolarAid are reversible. Although most people prefer to apply the side of the disc with the rings touching their body, both sides of the disc are equally effective. You can apply the disc directly on the skin, or over clothing and even on top of synthetic fibers. Scalar frequencies know no bounds: They are a natural part of our environment. PolarAid re-directs and amplifies natural-occurring scalar frequencies so the body’s cells can more easily absorb them and use them to encourage wellness.

Where do I place PolarAid? Do I need to treat only the energy centers (chakras) or can I also use it on  other areas?

To assure that PolarAid redirects energy frequencies throughout the body, we suggest placing PolarAid on well documented energy centers (also called chakras). In this way, you can direct a wide -frequency spectrum of energy to the entire body, in a thorough method. This avoids short-changing any one area and maximizes the results.

Yes, PolarAid is great on the specific areas you want to concentrate-direct energy!

How much time should PolarAid be applied to the body?

PolarAid is easy to use and Dr. Tomic’s detailed Instruction Booklet and Usage Tracking Guide is included with each purchase. As with food and water, the time needed is never the same for any two people. This also applies to quantum and bioenergy medicine techniques and tools. Our instructions are given as a baseline to benefit from the vital energy surrounding us. Please experiment and listen to your body to meet your individual needs and goals. The greatest benefit comes from consistent, regular use.

Please use these general guidelines: For instance, for the first 2-3 weeks you will energize and recharge your system by placing PolarAid for 10-15 minutes a day on each energy centers (referenced as chakras for this purpose), and only 2-3 minutes on energy centers 6 and 7. Use common sense: more use time does not yield better results.  You can also target specific areas for 10 or 30 minutes at a time and repeat 2-3 times a day, as needed.

When is the best time of the day to use PolarAid?  Can I use it anywhere?

Any time of the day is fine, but the most optimum time may be in the early morning when there are less distractions, noise and activity. Chose a time when it is easier to focus on your senses and listen to your body to better determine what it is telling you! Each PolarAid comes with Dr. Tomic’s Instruction Booklet and a convenient Usage Tracking Guide making it easy for you to chart the days, times and energy centers you use PolarAid.

Yes! PolarAid is lightweight (.064 ounces, 18 grs) and portable making it easy to use anywhere, anytime.  Many people like to take it with them on their walks stopping in a quiet place to use to use it. There are no limits. You will know best what works for your schedule and lifestyle.

It is best not to fall asleep with PolarAid on the body. Keeping PolarAid under a pillow or under the bed is not suggested. Keep PolarAid 1 meter (1 yard) away from the bed.

How can I maximize PolarAid?

Follow our common-sense suggestions detailed in the Instruction Booklet. The key to getting the most out of your PolarAid, is to be consistent your use (Track your use with our Usage Tracking Guide included in Dr. Tomic’s Instruction Booklet). Stay very well-hydrated by drinking lots of ‘PolarAid energized’ water to maximize your experience. Integrating PolarAid into your everyday life is easy and profound!

Like any healthy lifestyle regime, PolarAid is best used in conjunction with a healthy diet, supplements, exercise and common-sense habits. Although many people ask about various diets: Paleo, KETO, Mediterranean, low carb, vegetarian, vegan, plant-based, etc., it is not necessary to follow any specific diet when incorporating PolarAid into your health regime. Of course, so much new science encourages   avoiding packaged, highly processed and fast foods, and instead focusing on fresh, high quality foods from a wide range of food groups. PolarAid encourages digestive and bowel health so your efforts toward a healthy lifestyle will be maximized with PolarAid!

Can I use PolarAid on pets and animals?

Yes! Vital, naturally-occurring energy supports all life on earth: vegetal, animal or human. Actually, so many users report using PolarAid on pets and animals with great success.

It is not unusual for a pet to naturally find PolarAid on its own: You may find him/her laying on your PolarAid! Do not worry, they are simply naturally drawn to the vital energy and energy medicine they need to recharge.

Can I use PolarAid to improve food, water and plants?

To experience PolarAid’s positive effects firsthand, put PolarAid under a glass of water for a minimum of 30 minutes. Then enjoy this amazing energized water yourself or water your plants with it. Positive results were demonstrated in tests on two adjacent, identical potted plants: one watered with non-energized. tap water and the other with PolarAid energized water. You also can put the PolarAid under a potted plant when the disc is not in use, and in a few days, you can see PolarAid’s powerful, positive effects for yourself.

How can I improve tap water? Can PolarAid filter out impurities?

Simply put PolarAid under a glass container of water. After a minimum of 30 minutes, you will experience a very different kind of water: smooth, energized and more hydrating.

No. PolarAid does NOT filter impurities from water.

How can I improve the energy and air quality in a room?

Place PolarAid in the room where you wish to clear the energy. (Perhaps in a room where an argument has taken place or where people are in a bad mood or experiencing high anxiety.) You should feel an increase in a pleasant atmosphere and balanced sense of harmony.

The air quality, much like treating water with PolarAid, will also be greatly improved. You do not need to ‘believe’ in frequency science or bio-energetics. The proof is realized in your own experience!

Can I use 2 or more PolarAids at the same time?

Yes! You can use two discs at the same time on two different areas of the body. For example, place a disc under either foot for 10 minutes or use them on two energy points (chakras) on the body. However, there is no need to apply two discs together on one energy point because one disc is perfectly sufficient to draw enough vital life energy to any area it is applied.

Is it OK to experiment with PolarAid?

Of course! Every human being is unique! Everyone has different levels of sensitivity to bio-dynamic, quantum, bio energetic energy. Dr. Tomic has developed instructions as a baseline from which you can experiment. Listen to your body and experiment (within the guidelines detailed in his Instruction Booklet) to experience an increased sense of wellbeing, wellness, mental balance, peace and harmony.

Dr. Tomic, MD, an obstetrician and gynecologist, has spent the last 20 + years researching how medical science and energy medicine enhance each other and synergize. His understanding and respect for the broad-scope, ground-breaking tool, PolarAid, grew as he began receiving hundreds of testimonials from happy, satisfied users.

Please review a small sampling of these Testimonials!

Is PolarAid safe? Does it create radiation, or can it become magnetized?

PolarAid is a safe, effective, and yet simple tool. This expertly crafted antenna device directs and amplifies vital energy to the body. There is no required maintenance! No radiation. No electricity. No magnets nor magnetism. No batteries.

Do I need to use PolarAid in daylight or sunlight for the disc to be active or more active?

No, vital energy frequencies surround us 24 hours a day in all settings. Consequently, PolarAid does not need special conditions to be effective. PolarAid harnesses this energy anywhere, anytime. It functions as an ‘antenna’ that directs and amplifies this vital, natural energy whether we use it in a dark room while sleeping, in a lighted room, or outside in a park or at the beach. You choose what works best for your lifestyle: PolarAid is easy to use and works efficiently and effectively anywhere.

Can several people share PolarAid?

Yes, no problem! The only issue may be that two or more people will vie to use it at the same time! In that case, it’s time to buy PolarAids for everyone. So many have written to us to tell us that PolarAid was gifted to them! The gift of health is the ultimate gift indeed!

PolarAid does not retain, load or discharge ‘energy’ from multiple users. It simply directs naturally occurring, vital frequencies from the environment to the body.

“In directing the bioenergy through our energy centers, we enhance our total wellness and well being by unblocking energy channels. However, you can apply PolarAid to any area of the body, daily. To make a simple comparison: if you ask me if you should water only your cucumbers in your garden, my response is that it is better to water the WHOLE garden.”

Dr. Dino Tomic