How Do I Care for my PolarAid?


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How do I care for PolarAid?


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How do I clean my PolarAid?

PolarAid is maintenance-free and will last forever if cared for properly. The copper-based alloy antenna rings are protected by the hard-plastic casing. PolarAid can be cleaned as you would any plastic: Use light soap and a small amount of warm water, rinse, dry with a clean towel and let air dry. Avoid all abrasives and all chemicals.

How do I store my PolarAid when I am not using it?

Please, do not store your PolarAid! It is not necessary. When you are not applying it to your energy centers leave it in the room to create a harmonious environment; put it under a houseplant, water or food; or simply place it on the seat of your favorite chair and sit on it during the day. Your PolarAid can be put to good use every day, anywhere!

How long will PolarAid last?

A commonsense approach is best. Please do not throw, pound or crush. Should the plastic casing discolors or peels, PolarAid will remain just as effective as the day you bought it! The copper-based alloy rings of the antenna are the active component of the device. The casing is simply a cover.

PolarAid is NOT a toy and should not be used as a pet or child’s toy.

PolarAid lasts Forever! There is no expiry date… If it is treated like the valuable, leading edge, energy tool that it is!