About Us

The TV Show ‘Histoire de Succès’ reporting on PolarAid Health Inc. success, synthetizes the history of PolarAid and the science behind.

We feel grateful for the opportunity to promote the science that helps people complement their health management and improve quality of their life. We are proud to represent the project that bears the name of two great scientists Dr. Georges Lakhovsky and Nikola Tesla.

Enjoy watching the Show!

Because the results realized from this simple, yet powerful tool can sound too good to be true, I highly recommend that users execute a simple experiment. Like Dr. Lakhovsky, first try PolarAid under a potted plant for a few days and watch it thrive. You may want to take before and after photos to document the changes. Or put PolarAid under a glass of water for a minimum of 30 minutes (use a glass container). Then taste and experience the real, tangible results. You may taste-test further by comparing tap water to the PolarAid energized water. The proof of its power is realized best in your own unique experience.

Dr. Dino Tomic